Managing Your Time

It is the end of the day and you got nothing accomplished except for eating your meals. You have two tests this week and your roommate wants to talk about his recent break-up with his girlfriend. When you were in high school, it seemed easier to manage your time and your study blocks, but then you had the privacy of your room, and teachers and parents to keep you organized. Now, you have a roommate, more work than you imagined and facts and statistics bursting from your brain, none of which you will remember when test day rolls around.

Do not despair! With a little organization and some self-discipline, you can gain control of your schedule and your life and feel confident. Time management may sound boring but it will GIVE YOU more time to play, make you feel more motivated and less overwhelmed and eliminate frustrating cramming and anxiety. The first thing you need to do is to consider your goals. What do you want to accomplish during a given week or month? This will help you prioritize your time and stay on target. Then develop a schedule (WRITE IT DOWN) and put it on your dorm bulletin board or your laptop so you can check it when you need to know what comes next. Make the schedule flexible enough to include breaks, and schedule in some fun time, and some wiggle room in case an emergency arises and you have to juggle things around. That way you won’t blow your entire schedule wide open!


If you really need help putting your schedule in place, ask your Guidance or Student Services office if they have a primer or someone who can go over your schedule with you and make suggestions. The idea of time management is not to make you work 24 hrs a day. It is to help you balance your time so you will have time to learn, study, spend time with friends, play sports, and visit home.

The first thing you should understand is that it is better not to cram or study for hours at a stretch. Your mind will wander and you will be less productive. Schedule your study blocks in 45-60 min increments. The more complicated the material is, the shorter your study block will be. At the end of that time, take a break and stretch. Get a cup of coffee or go to the lounge. But stay on schedule. Go back and study for that next scheduled block so you can get it done.

You should also schedule a periodic ‘review’ block, where you go over things you have already studied and tie up loose ends and remind yourself of things you wanted to remember or things you found difficult. Do not try to squeeze this in around other things. Schedule the time for that ‘review’ and use it as you would any study block.

Prioritize your work so that you get the studying done FIRST for the first test of the week. And plan to work on the most difficult items first to get them out of the way. That way you will feel good about your accomplishments and have the incentive to continue working.

Find a few alternate places to study and rotate these locations. You can get in a rut if you always study in the same place with the same people. Mix it up a little, but always study someplace that is conducive to YOUR preferences (with or without noise, with or without other distractions, etc.)

Schedule your party time, fun activities and exercise and meals so that you get breaks when you need breaks. Don’t try to pull a marathon or you will be less productive. You will feel rewarded when you take your break, but you will also know that you are getting something accomplished when you study.

Don’t let other people manage your time. If someone comes to your dorm room and tempts you with an offer of a party down the hall, tell them you will be there later after you finish studying, or invite the person to YOUR party later in the week. It isn’t all work and no play, but there are times you have to resist the temptation to play and get the work done.

Write things down! Take notes, post reminders so you don’t forget to make that call or write the outline for that paper. If other projects come up, go back and look at your schedule and incorporate the project into the schedule to keep your organized.

With a little organization, and a calendar, or class planner, YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Balancing Class Load in College

As your college career proceeds you will become a real pro at balancing class load, and figuring out what you can handle in the way of study, research and class time during each semester. In the beginning, however, you are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices and wonder whether you are overloading your schedule. During your freshman year, it is likely that your college or university will ask you to take a number of general, liberal arts courses in history, English, sciences, etc. Even if you start with these general courses (which may seem easier but are often very challenging), you should consider the total load as you add classes to your schedule. If you are working on or off campus to earn a little extra money, you have to be even more careful about your course load.

Check the requirements your college stipulates to find out what constitutes full-time versus part-time study. If you are a full-time student, getting financial aid, you will have to maintain a certain number of hours or credits to be eligible for this aid, so be sure you meet these requirements before you cut anything from your schedule. To earn an undergraduate degree in the standard four years, you will have to take about 15 credits each term, and most schools will consider you full time if you are taking 12 credit hours in a semester. But if you only take the 12 hr. minimum, you will probably not graduate in four years unless you go to summer school.

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Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year

A wise person once said “One day of college is like one week of high school”. You might have been your high school valedictorian, president of student council or the home coming queen.

Freshmen Convocation

The differences between college and high school are numerous. Not only will this be the first time you will have this much independence, you will have to meet new people, make new friends, adjust to a different schedule and lifestyle AND take some tough courses too! Did you know that one out of every four students will leave college before they complete their second year? Almost 50% of college freshmen will drop out of school before they complete their education OR they will move to another school to finish their education.

Why? There is no single reason. A recent study found that the top ten reasons for dropping out or leaving a school were: focus on freedom and parties instead of classes and grades, homesickness or a sense of isolation, unprepared for workload, financial issues, family or personal issues, climate and fit of environment, wrong major, no guidance or advisor help, juggling a job, moving to a different state or country. But you should ENJOY your years in college! They can be the best years of your life if you manage your time and set some goals.

You can expect to feel stress and to be homesick and uncertain for a while, but everyone feels this way and it will pass. You SHOULD attend orientations, consciously work to make friends and try to get yourself settled in. This will make your dorm, campus and classes seem more like home. Take advantage of the organization time and information the professors and Resident Advisors (RAs) will give you. This is important. The more prepared and in control you feel, the less uncertain you will be. Go to class! This is the culture and fabric of your time in school. Staying in your room to sleep late just puts you on the fringe of the community and will not help you feel like you are a member of the new neighborhood.

Use your professors and advisors to help you adjust and get oriented to schedules and expectations on campus. Your advisor is a key resource so go meet her/him as soon as you can and visit the office often to talk about issues regarding courses, majors etc. Try to gain some balance between your work and your social life so that you can reward yourself for doing good work. Don’t just sit in your room and study and DON’T JUST PARTY. Balance is the key. Join a club or organization. You will meet new friends there, outside of the people you know from the dorm, and you will begin to feel like you are part of something. Take advantage of study groups and set goals for yourself so you can get the grades you want. If you are feeling confident and successful, you will WANT to stay in school.

Don’t feel you have to decide right away about a career or even a major. Most colleges give you a year to declare a major, so use your freshman year to get oriented, get your feet wet and learn to live in your community. Take courses you think you will like to explore the majors in which you may be interested. Later, you can talk to the Career Services center to start to focus your interests. Prioritize, set goals, don’t procrastinate. Eat right, get enough sleep and stay healthy. Call home and talk to family and friends when you need a cheering section. Don’t go home all the time, even if you are close enough to do so. Stay on campus so you can get used to the community and people. Ask for help in the counseling or health center if you really need someone to talk to. Don’t try to handle the stress and loneliness by yourself. Manage your personal money and finances so that when you need something, or when you want to splurge and reward yourself for a good grade, you can afford to do so.

The MOST important thing to know about adjusting to college life is that you will feel lonely, uncertain and stressed out for a while. EVERYONE does! Just knowing that it is normal and that these feelings will pass is the key to keeping your head on straight. Good luck in school!